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A successful remodeling requires that the company you choose has skill, experience and deep knowledge. This is especially true when you decide to do a major overhaul of your home.

We at GidleyRemodeling.com have been a top remodeling contractor in the Fairfield County area since 1968 and have been ranked in the Top 500 Remodelers in the entire country for 34 straight years. We know the exact process that will lead to the remarkable results you want.

Our Whole House Remodeling Process

One of the biggest challenges with a whole house remodel is turning your ideas into a practical design and plan. We excel at helping you cut through the clutter to help you make an educated decision on your home remodel.

If you decide that we are the best choice for your remodeling project, then the first step is signing a contract to complete your project’s design. We’ll have an initial meeting together with you and our experienced architect. We’ll nail down important details during this process and come up with a comprehensive proposal and a complete design that you alone will own.

Home Remodeling that Gets Top-Notch Results

With our years of experience, we can anticipate and plan for all the challenges that are a part of a whole house remodel. We are sticklers for keeping up with the latest codes and regulations to make sure that the project receives all the necessary approvals. Our home remodeling services can provide:

The Home You Really Want

Whatever your reason for this remodel, the biggest benefit to a whole house remodel is getting your home to match your current needs and wants.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Technology, best practices, and better materials have all come together over the last decade to make new homes much more energy efficient. A side benefit of a whole house remodel is taking that big leap forward in energy efficiency.

Saving Time & Money

Doing all the improvements you want at the same time is much more efficient than tackling each project individually.

Improved Plumbing and Electrical Systems

For those parts of the home involved in the remodel, you’ll likely get an improvement in both functionality and safety for the major systems of your home.

We are here to help you discover what’s possible. Call us for a free initial consultation and let’s get started.

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