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Gidley Remodeling

There is a chronic problem with many remodeling contractors and it directly effects your customer experience and project outcome.

The problem is many contractors never take the time to set-up a simple, repeatable structure to get projects done. They have never taken a step back and thought through a step-by-step process from initial contact to the final walk-through. This leads to a chaotic “zig-zag” experience, with missed steps and painful oversights.

Having part of your home under construction is enough to deal with – you don’t need another layer put on by your remodeler’s failure to follow a process.

We’re different.

After five decades, we have honed a systematic process to perfection. Every step is mapped out, and nothing is left to chance.

A Quick Guide To Our Superior Process

Here is a concise outline of the steps we take:

Initial Consultation

Our owner Stephen Gidley will meet personally with you for a detailed first consultation. The main goals of this step are to see if we are the right fit for you, get a clear vision of your project, and provide a ballpark number for you.

Design Phase

If you decide to move forward, we’ll contract together to create a design and detailed proposal for your project. You’ll meet again with Stephen, but also with one of our architects or designers.

This phase really separates us from most remodeling companies. We are meticulous about nailing down every important detail: your product choices, unique design touches, and more – it is very thorough.

The result is a crystal clear plan to get you the result you really want. One other benefit to working with us is that the design plans we create are ‘non-proprietary,’ meaning you own them. Many remodelers insist that you must build with them or they keep the plans. We give you the freedom of choice.

Prep For Project

Once you sign a contract for the installation phase, we help prepare you for every step. There is a pre-construction meeting where we go over every phase of the installation. If your project will involve significant demolition, we’ll explain the extra steps we take to protect you and your family from dust and other hazards.

We also introduce you to anyone who will be working in your home. With us, you’ll never have an anonymous crew just show up one day. (It does happen – we’ve heard the stories from other homeowners!).

Final Walk Through & Thorough Cleaning

Once your project is done, we’ll walk through with you to make sure nothing was missed and that you are satisfied. We also hire a professional cleaning crew to make sure we leave you with a sparkling new remodel you can enjoy for a lifetime.


This last step is up for you to decide. We love feedback – it’s the way we know we’re staying true to our values of delivering the very best. Tell us what you love about working with us, and also tell us if there is anything we could have done (or could still do) to make you even happier.

If our methodical process for getting great results on every single project appeals to you, please call us. We’d be honored to meet with you.