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The Word “Shortcut” Isn’t In Our Dictionary.

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Gidley Remodeling

Around here we hate shortcuts.

That’s why we won’t ever recommend or install inferior products.

It’s why we won’t rush through your installation just to “get to the next job.”

Experienced, Fully Proven Installers

One shortcut some remodelers take is trying to save on costs by hiring less experienced installers. That’s not our way.

Everyone who works on our installations has proven themselves to do top quality work for years and years. This is another benefit of our five decades in this business – we have a proven staff plus additional contractors who we have worked with for a long time – in many cases for decades.

The bottom line is that every installer who works on your home is proven to work to the highest standards.

But What If No One Will Notice?

Another thing we are sticklers about are the little details – even and especially those details that most homeowners would never notice.

Many times it is about what is ‘behind the scenes’ that determines the durability of a remodel. Several times we’ve had to come in behind other contractors in just a few years to fix a bathroom remodel because of shortcuts that allowed water damage.

So we NEVER say “if no one will notice, does it really matter?” Instead we say “WE will notice, and EVERY detail matters.”

Being Considerate

We are guests in your home. You deserve better than loud radios and bad language. That doesn’t happen with our professional installers.

Our ‘Golden Rule’ of installation is to treat you and your home like we would want to be treated. So we partner with you to work around schedules and family events. And we make sure we discuss where we should park and where we can best store our materials.

We are very concerned about dust moving out of our work areas into your home; we will work closely with you to erect barriers to keep our work dust out of your living spaces to the greatest degree possible. At the end of every week, we will stop work earlier than normal to make our work areas broom clean during construction. When we have completed all of our work we will pay for the professional cleaning of the work areas with our own cleaning crew or if you prefer your own cleaning people – we’ll be happy to hire them to clean.

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