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Get A Professional, Thorough Consultation From The ‘Walking Encyclopedia of Remodeling.’

Gidley Remodeling

Many homeowners become overwhelmed when exploring a remodeling project. There is a lot of information available online – some of it good and a lot of it not so good. Then there are all the ads and claims you see in newspapers, magazines, and billboards.

Trying to take it all in can put you into a constant state of confusion and information overload. Some homeowners delay or decide against the project because it seems just too overwhelming.

Before you get to that state – or if you are already there – give us a call. Here’s why that is an excellent choice.

Our owner Stephen Gidley has been called the ‘Walking Encyclopedia of Remodeling.’ He’s been running this company for five decades and he personally meets with each homeowner. He is the exact right person who can calmly and knowledgably answer all your questions and give you real information.

During the initial consultation, he starts by actually listening to you and your goals. (And don’t worry if you aren’t sure of exactly what you want – Stephen has been doing this long enough to know the right questions to ask to help you create a vision of your project).

After he listens and gets a feel for your specific project, it’s then that he brings all his knowledge and experience to the table. He can talk ballpark figures with you, explain how certain choices will affect budget, and offer his best recommendations for product choices and design ideas.

Stephen can let you know about realistic timetables, all the necessary permits, and all the details. This gives you an excellent overview of what your project would be like from “concept to creation.”

What You Won’t Get During Your Consultation

Here’s what never happens during our consultations: there are no high-pressure sales tactics and there are no ‘now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t’ discount games played.

What we offer is honest and straightforward: premium level service and results at a fair price. If you are hunting around for ‘buy it now’ discounts and the cheapest possible up-front cost, we’re not the remodeler for you.

If you are worried about budget questions, Stephen is excellent at explaining your options and giving you specifics on how certain choices will affect cost. He will also brainstorm design options with you, so you’ll come out of your consultation with both a ballpark figure and a vision of the results you want.

From there, the decision is yours. If you want to move forward, we will enter into a contract to nail down every detail of design and cost.

Next Steps

Whether you ultimately decide to select us as your contractor or not, you’ll be armed with a better sense of your project after talking to the “Walking Encyclopedia of Remodeling.”