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Facts & Experience

Gidley Remodeling

Our Crystal-Clear Evidence:

When it comes to our reputation, we deal in facts, not claims. We have a track record that dates back almost five decades – you can’t fake the kind of reputation we have earned.

We have tons of awards and recognitions, plus plenty of testimonials and references. You can learn more about all of that as you read down this page.

But before we give you more facts, we want to tell you our secret to building a great reputation. The secret is to treat EVERY SINGLE customer the right way. When you do that, your reputation automatically builds slowly over time. Great results and feedback have earned us a mountain of awards and terrific word-of-mouth.

That is why we are particularly proud of our reputation. It is not rooted in hype or fluff; it has been earned by delivering top quality consistently.

More About Our Reputation


We have several bound volumes of great feedback from our customers, stretching back decades. That’s right – we have books full of great feedback. You can also read many of those comments for yourself online.

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There is nothing better than talking directly to customers to find out what it is really like to work with a company. We’re happy to give you references.

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Our elite quality work and service has been recognized over and over with awards.

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Associations & Certifications

Staying on top of industry best practices is something the very best remodeling companies do. We like to associate with the very best.

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Are elite-quality service and results what you’re after? Than call us – we’d be happy to speak with you about your project.