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FAQ - General

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How long have you been in business?

We were founded in 1968. We have been continuously operating under the same name and owner for all that time – five decades and counting!

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Will you have the lowest price?

There is always a cheaper car, there’s always a cheaper doctor, and there is always a cheaper remodeler. But just like the lowest price car and lowest price doctor might not be the best long-term value, you want to consider more than just price when thinking about your remodeling project.

We’ve got great answers to all these questions and we don’t charge outrageous prices. But we also don’t sacrifice quality or results just to say we have the lowest prices.

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Can I talk to your past customers?

Yes. We are happy to give you references at your request.

First though we do ask that you schedule an initial consultation. If we seem like we are likely a good fit for you, then ask us for references. We will give you contact information from past customers who have done similar projects.

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Will you charge me to consult on my remodeling project?

No – the initial consultation is free. Owner Stephen Gidley will come to your home to meet with you. Stephen is an expert on all things remodeling and can answer your questions, give you some ideas and things to think about, and help you understand how different choices will affect your budget.

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I don’t like getting a big sales pitch – I just want to get a quote and information. Will I have to sit through a sales presentation?

There is absolutely zero sales pressure during our free consultation. Our philosophy is to give you the information you need to make an educated decision, not make you sit through a long-winded sales call. We have no interest in trying to make someone feel uncomfortable or pressured into something.

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I need to make sure that any contractor I hire is fully licensed and insured. Does GidleyRemodeling.com meet those requirements?

Absolutely. We have been properly licensed and insured from day one way back in 1968 – and every day since. We are fully accredited with the Better Business Bureau and have always maintained an A+ rating. It’s important to protect yourself and make sure that any contractor you are considering meet these requirements.

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